TECH TIP: Folding Climbing Skins
By: Bela G. Vadasz

When it's not windy, you can often take your skin off the ski, carefully bring the tail up to the folded over-lap by the tip and join the glued surface together toward the middle of the skin. It requires some practice to not let the sticky surfaces touch prematurely while you're neatly joining the surfaces.

Another method that is easy, especially in the wind on top of the ridge is to only peel half the skin off the ski from the tail and fold that section of the skin bottom to bottom. Then, peel the rest of the skin off the ski and fold the remaining section bottom to bottom. This way, by breaking it into 2 sections, it's much easier with shorter sections of sticky skins to deal with.

Caution: It is recommended to practice these techniques under the coaching and supervision of a qualified instructor. ASI makes no guarantees regarding the use of techniques illustrated or recommended on this website with regard to insuring personal safety or preventing injury or death.

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