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About ASI

Celebrating 30 Years!
Welcome to America’s original all conditions, all terrain rock and alpine climbing and ski mountaineering program!

The ASI program was carefully planned and developed by Bela G. Vadasz & Mimi Maki-Vadasz during undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Recreation and Outdoor Education at San Francisco State University. After years of teaching and program planning through university and continuing education programs they began what is now the ASI program in 1979.

In the past two and a half decades, through continued professional development and association with distinguished colleagues, programs have evolved and have been refined to the existing state-of-the-art program. Much experience has been gained not only from training and certification but from climbing, skiing and guiding throughout many of the greatest ranges of the world. Since the beginning, ASI has made the commitment to blend the best from American outdoor educational values with progressive techniques of climbing and high mountain skiing that are practiced by the most accomplished alpinists throughout the world.

To this day, now 30 years after the beginning of ASI, the educational ideals that the program was founded on remain paramount to work with people who are interested in becoming experts in the mountains. Whether it’s on skis, boots or crampons, to adopt the experiences the mountains have to offer is a part of life as well as a lifestyle.

We welcome you to join us and be a part of the original all-mountain program that visits the depth and meaning of the experiences the mountain world has to offer.

Find the Spirit of the Alpinist...Then let the spirit set you free!

-Bela G. Vadasz & Mimi Maki-Vadasz

AMGABela and Mimi Vadasz are among the founding members of the American Mountain Guides Association (the AMGA). ASI supports the education and certification program of the AMGA, a member of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations. Bela G. Vadasz is the coordinator of the Ski Mountaineering Guide Certification Program.

AMGA Lifetime Achievement Award
Bela Vadasz receives Lifetime Achievement Award from AMGA
by Craig Dostie

During the recent annual meeting of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) in Portland, Oregon, Bela Vadasz was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Bela and Mimi Vadasz founded Alpine Skills International in California in 1979 after they both graduated from San Francisco State University with degrees in outdoor recreation. They knew from the get go that they didn't want just another guiding outfit teaching people how to rock climb, they wanted to teach the whole mountain experience, from rock to ice climbing to high altitude alpinism to ski mountaineering. It was the latter emphasis that made ASI distinct among American guide services, especially when they operated Donner Spitz Hütte at Donner Pass in Truckee, California. Every weekend the hütte was filled with skiers hungry for the secrets to fresh tracks and winter adventure.

By the late 80s Bela (pr: bay-lah) realized that American guiding, while growing, was also in danger of self destructing for lack of standards. A cowboy attitude dominated guiding in America and he felt if guides were to be taken seriously as professionals, they needed to adhere to standards like European guides. That recognition led to Bela working with other guides in the AMGA to create a certification program, one that would be acceptable at an international level. One of the early internal debates centered around this push for international acceptance, with many guides arguing that American guiding was different, not only because the terrain rarely required the full breadth of alpine skills, but also because the culture was different. Bela remained adamant that the technical standards must at least meet international standards, while allowing a distinctly American process to impart and maintain the cultural differences stateside.

In presenting the award, Rob Hess, the AMGA's Technical Director pointed out, "[Bela] started the ski program which was the crux of [the AMGA] being admitted into the IFMGA. Without his vision and perspiration, the AMGA wouldn't be where it is today." Bela's involvement with the ski program was a natural fit. ASI had always distinguished itself from other American guiding programs with one of the most robust telemark and backcountry ski program in North America. Bela started and remains the technical director of the AMGA's ski program.

Commenting on the award, Dick Jackson, owner of Aspen Expeditions and former president of the AMGA said, "Bela is the epitome of passion when it comes to mountains. You don't realize it at first because he is so soft spoken, but it was more than evident in his attention to detail while developing the certification program."

Through ASI, Bela and Mimi Vadasz have guided throughout the world. Mimi is one of the few American women to summit Everest. Together they completed the first ascent of the Peuterey Ridge on Mont Blanc, the longest alpine route in the Alps. They complete the first Nordic descent of Denali, and as would be fitting for someone who was instrumental in developing the AMGA's guide certification program, Bela Vadasz was one of the first American guides to be internationally certified to IFMGA standards.

During the development of the AMGA's guide certification program Dick Jackson became friends with Bela. He pointed out, "the most important part of the award is being recognized by his peers." In accepting the award, Bela G. Vadasz said, "A great honor has been bestowed upon me by receiving the AMGA Lifetime Achievement Award. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved throughout my life of pursuing mountain guiding, helping enhance opportunities for American guides, along with further developing our industry.

Special thanks go to the AMGA Board of Directors, Technical Committee, Technical Director, Rob Hess and my great friend, peer and mentor, Dick Jackson, along with all of the AMGA Administrative Staff, Certified Guides and general membership.

It would have never been possible for me to continue a lifelong career track without the help of Mimi Vadasz who has done both front and back-end work, allowing me to go forward.

I also owe great thanks to my parents, Bela Sr. and Eva Vadasz not only for starting me in the High Sierra at an early age, but always proudly supporting my career direction.

Thank you all for this great honor."

AMGA Lifetime Achievement Award
link to: http://www.amga.com/about/awards.php

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