TECH TIP: The Standard Harness Kit
By Bela G. Vadasz

Whether for Rock, in the Alpine or Ski Mountaineering, a Guide will usually have the same base-line kit of items. It's a super versatile minimum set of gear to equalize anchors at a belay stance, facilitate a rappel with a self-belay, create a lowering system as well as a raising system with a 3:1, 5:1 or 6:1 mechanical advantage.

Items left to right are:
1) A tied short prussik loop (1.5m x 6m)
2) Cordalette, (5m x 7mm) power cord on a locking screw-gate Münter Hitch carabiner
3) Sewn double length (48") nylon runner and a LSG Münter carabiner
4) Auto blocking, hands-free belay/rappel device, LSG Münter carabiner
5) At least 1 free locking screw-gate Münter Hitch carabiner

Of course, we can build on this system depending on the situation and anticipated application, but this is the "Base-line". It's amazing how many useful applications can be built with such a simple system.

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