Geoff Clarke
Lead Guide
AMGA Certified Ski Guide
PSIA Level III Nordic Certified

Bela G. Vadasz
Technical Director
IFMGA Certified Guide

Member School

KarhuXCD Backcountry

XCD Backcountry stands for cross country downhill skiing. It's how most of us in the 70's learned to appreciate the incredible skiing in the High Sierra.

We were fortunate enough to start skiing as kids with our parents. In the late 60's and early 70's we got cross country skis and went in the high country. Soon, we exhausted the possibility with our own gear and we had to have metal edges on our "heavy-duty" xc skis and then with better leather boots, anything was possible.

Bringing XCD or "rugged touring" back to the ASI program retraces our own roots with nordic adventure skiing. With today's great gear available, this form of skiing is much more practical for today's skiers. This is a great way to get an excellent foundation in nordic backcountry skiing.

XCD Backcountry
This is a perfect opportunity to learn and improve skiing skills and learn about about the winter backcountry as well.

Primary Nordic Instructor Team:
Geoff Clarke
PSIA Level III Certified, former PSIA/W Cheif Examiner

Peter Leh
PSIA Level III Certified, former PSIA/W Instructor/Examiner

Bill Seline
PSIA Level III Certified

Davide Sartoni
PSIA Level II Certified

Bela G. Vadasz
PSIA Level III Certified

Lorenzo Worster
PSIA Level III Certified

*All programs include the use of Ortovox avalanche safety equipment.

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