Physical Condition

Being "in shape" is very important to your safety and enjoyment of many of our programs. You must take the responsibility to determine your physical condition accurately. Here is a basic guideline to help determine your physical condition as it best relates to the ASI Program.

FAIR (F): Someone in good health, yet does not participate in a routine excercise program other than their normal everyday routine.

GOOD (G): May be someone who participates in weekend activities that may include hiking, cross country or downhill skiing, mountain or road biking, etc. They may be participating in 1 or 2 excercises per week that increase their cardiovascular condition.

VERY GOOD (VG): Engaged in routine cardiovascular workouts lasting 45 minutes, three to four times a week.

EXCELLENT (E): More aggressive cardiovascular workouts lasting 60 minutes, 4-5 or more times a week. For the greatest enjoyment of our most demanding programs, we recommend you increase your training program at least a month prior to participation. If you need further guidelines, you can refer to the Harvard Step Test (below).

Harvard Step Test

Use the Harvard Step Test to help determine your cardiovascular condition. Use a sixteen inch high step if you're around 5'9", a couple of inches lower if you're shorter, a couple of inches higher if you're taller. Step from the floor to the bench and down, alternating feet totaling thirty times per minute for four minutes. If you finish, sit quietly for sixty seconds then count your pulse for thirty seconds. At the two-minute mark after you finish excercising, count your pulse again for thirty seconds. Repeat at the three-minute mark.

Compute your Recovery Index:

Poor: 60 or less
Fair: 61-70
Good: 71-80
Very Good: 81-90
Excellent: 91 or more